1 Introduction

Minecraft is awesome fun, especially in creative mode, where you can build all sorts of crazy stuff. But ambitious building projects can be really tedious to create by hand. With the miner R package, you can write R code to manipulate your Minecraft world and create even more awesome stuff.

We developed the miner package and most of the examples in this book at the ROpenSci Unconference in Los Angeles, California, in May, 2017. We are grateful to ROpenSci for bringing us together.

Our work on R and Minecraft was inspired by an example at http://smarterpoland.pl using R to make a 3D scatterplot in minecraft, and by Craig Richardson’s book Learn to Program with Minecraft (Richardson 2016).


Richardson, Craig. 2016. “Learn to Program with Minecraft.” https://www.nostarch.com/programwithminecraft.