Date      Topic/Reading
24,26 Jan   No class
31 Jan   Tidy data: Wickham (2014) pdf logo
2 Feb   No class
7 Feb   50 years of data science: Donoho (2017) (w/ discussion: pdf logo)
9 Feb   50 years of data science (discussants)
14 Feb   The Duke Saga: Baggerly & Coombes (2009) pdf logo
16 Feb   No class
21 Feb   The Duke Saga: Baggerly & Coombes (2011) pdf logo
23 Feb   No class
28 Feb   fMRI p-values: Eklund et al. (2016) pdf logo letters and reply pdf logo
2 Mar   No class
7 Mar   Bootstrap in regression: Freedman and Peters (1984) pdf logo
9 Mar   No class
14,16 Mar   No class (spring break)
21 Mar   Prdm9: Myers et al. pdf logo, Parvanov et al. pdf logo, Baudat et al. pdf logo, Cheung et al. (2010) pdf logo
23 Mar   No class
28 Mar   Fine-mapping of a gene: Benzer (1955) pdf logo, Benzer (1959) pdf logo
30 Mar   No class
4 Apr   False discovery rates: Benjamini and Hochberg (1995) pdf logo
6 Apr   No class
11 Apr   False discovery rates: Storey and Tibshirani (2003) pdf logo
13 Apr   No class
18 Apr   Gene set enrichment: Mootha et al. (2003) pdf logo, Subramanian et al. (2005) pdf logo
20 Apr   No class
25 Apr   Batch effects: Leek et al. (2010) pdf logo
27 Apr   No class

Readings available at the course Canvas site.