Karl Broman is Professor in the Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison; research in statistical genetics; developer of R/qtl and R/qtl2 (for R).

Karl received a BS in mathematics in 1991 from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and a PhD in statistics in 1997 from the University of California, Berkeley; his PhD advisor was Terry Speed. He was a postdoctoral fellow with James Weber at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, 1997–1999. He was a faculty member in the Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University, 1999–2007. In 2007, he moved to the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Karl is an applied statistician focusing on problems in genetics and genomics, particularly the analysis of meiotic recombination and the genetics of complex traits in experimental organisms. He is an enthusiastic advocate for open science, open software, reproducible research, and interactive data visualization.

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Karl Broman
Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
University of Wisconsin–Madison
6743 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Email: broImandon't@wantspam! Sopleasewileave scme.alonee!du
Phone: 608-262-4633