There are a number of ways in which one may wish to customize the interactive graphs produced by R/qtlcharts, such as different colors or axis labels. Our main approach to allow such customization is through a function argument, chartOpts.

Use of these options is described in the R/qtlcharts User Guide.

The following is a listing of the customization options for each chart. You can also use the chart option caption to provide a caption for the chart. (The caption option is mostly intended for stand-alone html files.)


width = 1000 — width of image in pixels

height = 900 — total height of image in pixels

margin = list(left=60, top=20, right=60, bottom=40) — margins in pixels (left, top, right, bottom)

ylab = "Response" — y-axis label

xlab = "Individuals" — x-axis label

rectcolor = "#E6E6E6" — color of background rectangle

qucolors = NULL — vector of colors for the quantile curves

histcolors = c("#0074D9", "#FF4136", "#3D9970", "MediumVioletRed", "black") — vector of colors for selected histograms


height = 550 — height of chart in pixels

width = 400 — width of chart in pixels

title = "" — title for chart

margin = list(left=60, top=40, right=40, bottom=40, inner=5) — margins in pixels (left, top, right, bottom, inner)

xlab = "group" — x-axis label

ylab = "response" — y-axis label

axispos = list(xtitle=25, ytitle=30, xlabel=5, ylabel=5) — position of axis labels in pixels (xtitle, ytitle, xlabel, ylabel)

titlepos = 20 — position of chart title in pixels

jitter = "beeswarm" — method for jittering points (beeswarm|random|none)

ylim = NULL — y-axis limits

yticks = NULL — vector of tick positions on y-axis

nyticks = 5 — no. ticks on y-axis

rectcolor = "#E6E6E6" — color of background rectangle

pointcolor = NULL — color for points

pointsize = 3 — size of points in pixels

pointstroke = "black" — color of outer circle for po