Date      Topic/Reading
27 Jan   No class
3 Feb   Success in collaboration: Bennett and Gadlin (2012)
10 Feb   Social media: Carl Sagan effect; Building a brand
17 Feb   Success on the tenure-track: Fernandes et al. (2020) pdf icon
24 Feb   Jobs at predominantly undergraduate institutions (Guest: Amelia McNamara)
3 Mar   Non-tenure-track university jobs (Guest: Erin Jonaitis)
10 Mar   Jobs in industry (Guest: Barathi Sethuraman, Abbott)
17 Mar   No class (Spring break)
24 Mar   Discussion of different types of jobs
31 Mar   Application materials: Reading 1, Reading 2 pdf icon, Building a career (Ch 6)
7 Apr   Applying for jobs; postdocs: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3
14 Apr   Academic job interviews: preparing for interviews, interviews gone bad
21 Apr   Industry job interviews: Building a career in data science Ch 7, Appendix
28 Apr   Teaching: Teach Tech Together (Ch 10)
5 May   No class but watch Laura Albert video on time management video icon