Good data analysis requires a number of skills (including the munging of messy data files, data diagnostics, exploratory data visualization, identifying an appropriate statistical model, deriving a good-enough estimator, quantifying uncertainty, assessing model fit, and organizing reproducible analyses) but also a way of thinking about data. The goal for this course is to help students improve their skills in exploring and answering questions with data. This will be accomplished with a series of case studies, a set of skill-oriented tutorials, and substantial project-based homework assignments.

Prerequisite: BMI/Stat 541, Stat 571, Stat 610, or Stat 850

Course meetings: Tu/Thu 11:00-12:15, 119 Babcock Hall

Instructor: Karl Broman, 2126 Genetics-Biotechnology Center

Office hours: Tu 9:30-10:30, Fr 10:30-11:30, or by appointment. Connect with me using BBCollaborate Ultra; go to

COVID-19: For the rest of the semester, lectures and office hours will be strictly online. More information here.