COVID-19: For the rest of the semester, lectures and office hours will be strictly online.


For lectures, we will use BBCollaborate Ultra accessible via the course Canvas site. You should just need a web browser. They recommend Chrome, though Firefox seems to work just fine for me. (Also, Safari on my iPad seems to work well.)

We will meet at the usual time (Tues/Thurs 11-12:15 CDT). I will record the session and make that available for viewing or download at the course Canvas site, in case you can’t participate live. I will also continue to make my slides and notes available at the course site. Participating in the live lecture will allow you to ask questions in real time, but I welcome questions at any time, by email or during office hours, or if let me know I can open up discussion threads on Canvas.

To get to the online lecture, go to the course Canvas site and click “BBCollaborate Ultra” on the left. We’ll be using the general “Course Room”. You can also use the guest url,

There’s also an option to join by phone, at least for the audio. You could download the slides separately and follow along. But I think each student needs to get a unique PIN, so go to the course Canvas site to get the call-in number and your PIN.

I expect that I’ll start with everyone muted and have you ask questions either in chat or by electronically raising your hand (and at that point you could turn on your microphone, and your video camera if you wish).

The BBCollaborate course room is open all the time, if you want to test out your audio/video in advance.

Office hours

I also plan to hold office hours using BBCollaborate Ultra. Go to

You can also join the office hours by phone, but again I think each student needs to get a unique PIN, so go to the BBCollaborate session to get the call-in number and your PIN.

I will be available there Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 and Fridays 10:30-11:30.

If you would like to get ahold of me at a different time or using a different method, let me know by email.