Your GitHub Pages sites will appear at

Of course, this will be with your GitHub user name and with the names of your GitHub repositories.

I’d recommend putting something at, since people might look there. (When I started with GitHub Pages, I thought you were required to have such a site, but either they’ve changed things or I’m just mistaken; you don’t need this anymore.)

You create one of these sites in much the same way as you create an independent GitHub Pages site. The only real differences are

  • The repository needs to be called
  • The site sits in the master branch rather than the gh-pages branch.

My personal site, (which shows up as; see the GitHub help page on setting up a custom domain) is minimal and is actually written in straight html rather than Markdown. If you want, you could just make an edited version of my site:

  • Clone my repository
  • Remove the .git directory
  • Edit index.html, 404.html,, and
  • Use git init, git add, git commit
  • Create a new repository on GitHub named
  • Go back to the command line and do git remote add and git push -u origin master

Alternatively, you could use the procedure I described for making an independent website. The only thing you do differently is to use the master branch rather than a gh-pages branch.

A final note: the 404.html file will serve as the “page not found” page for all of your GitHub Pages (that is, if you want a personalized 404 page).

Up next

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