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miner and craft

In addition to our miner package and our in-development bookdown book, the R/minecraft team from the ROpenSci Unconference had created a bunch of other useful code for interacting with Minecraft from R, which we’re putting into a second package.

I initially called this extra package “miner.extra”. (And I learned some new things about the rules for what characters can be used in R package names.) But then this evening I realized, “Hey, we could call it craft.”

And I used the available package, also developed at last week’s unconference, and verified that indeed craft is available. A bit of indecision about taking such a great name for this secondary package, but after checking with Gergely and Brooke, went ahead with it.

So I’m pleased to announce the miner and craft packages for playing with R and Minecraft.

(I was of course tempted towards mineR and cRaft, but I didn’t want to disappoint Hadley.)

(craft currently just contains code that I wrote, ‘cause I was the only one who left dangling scripts that weren’t incorporated into a proper vignette. Functions from the others will follow.)

Update 2020-12-14: the miner and craft packages have been moved from ROpenSciLabs to kbroman.