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caching blogdown

blogdown is cool, but it seems that it builds every .Rmd file every time you run build_site(), so if your site includes an analysis that takes a while…well, every time you build the site it’s going to take a while.

I had the mistaken impression that blogdown would look at the timestamps on the .Rmd and .html and only build the .html if the .Rmd file is newer, but that’s not true.

My post about sqlite, feather, and fst is rather slow, because I’m writing and reading rather big files and measuring access times. So it was looking like building my new blog would be really painful, forever more.

Thus, I spent a bunch of time reworking the post to cache the times rather than running things every time the .Rmd file was built. It’s not pretty, and my method is not generally recommended, but it seems to work.

I expect Yihui has a better solution to this.