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My JSM 2016 itinerary

The Joint Statistical Meetings are in Chicago next week. I thought I’d write down the set of sessions that I plan to attend. Please let me know if you have further suggestions.

First things first: snacks. Search the program for “spotlight” or “while supplies last” for the free snacks being offered. Or go to the page with the full list.



  • (8:30-10:20) Applied data visualization (organized by Hilary Parker)

    • Hadley Wickham on Linked brushing in R

    • Andreas Gros on Data vis at Facebook

    • Lynn Cherny on Cocktail party horror stories about data vis for clients

    • Andrei Scheinkman on Data vis at 538

    • Jeff Leek on Teaching data vis to 100k data scientists

Also of interest: Introductory Overview on Causal Inference by Judea Pearl

  • (10:30 - 12:20) Statistics in genomics and genetics

    • John Storey on latent variable methods

    • Rafael Irizarry on overcoming bias and batch effects in RNA-seq data

    • Kathryn Roeder on testing high-dim differential matrices

    • Michael Newton on Graph-restricted mixture models

  • (4:45-6:15) ASA President’s invited address: Joe Palca (NPR) on Science and news: A marriage of convenience