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Use meaningful URLs

QR codes are stupid. See the well-known flowchart.

And I don’t like Drupal. Sites that use it often give things URLs like https://www.genetics.wisc.edu/node/577 for their seminar list.

And can we get rid of the www?

“What’s your web site?”

“double-u double-u double-u …”


URLs should be meaningful and short. I like deep hierarchies of folders, but it makes for long URLs.

URL-shorteners help, but you don’t really want to read out (or type) one of those short URLs. And they tell you nothing about where they’re going.

What you want is something like bcaffo.com or stodden.net. Or rqtl.org.

But…I guess you could just say “I’ll send you an email.”

And customize <title>

And while I have your attention, note that the title of your web page shows up on Google (and at the top of the browser).

It’s nice to see others make use of my html code, but you shouldn’t leave my name in the title of your publication page.

Put the important words first, and perhaps nothing else. For example, the title shouldn’t include “Drupal”.

Update: Read this: “URLs are for People, not Computers

I could have just given the URL (though it’s now dead so I’m linking to archive.org.