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My first fancy poster

I’m preparing my first large-format poster (for the MathBio3 conference, here in Madison in two weeks). Previously, my posters had just been on a series of pieces of regular paper. (Consider, for example, this poster from September, 1998.) But no one does that anymore, and I don’t want to stand out as being archaic. That is, I want to pretend to be modern.

Here’s my draft:

I got a LaTeX template from Ĺšaunak Sen, which originally came from Nathaniel Johnston and uses the Beamer poster style. That made it super easy; I hardly even needed to know what I was doing.

Not having a good sense of how this 1m x 1m poster is actually going to look, I used Acrobat to print it onto a bunch of pieces of paper (“Tile all pages” in the print dialog), which I then reassembled with scissors and tape.

It looks like it will be fine.

Maybe I should save the $50 or $100 and post the black-and-white, pasted-together version?