My kids and I like Welch’s fruit snacks. We buy them from CostCo, in big boxes with 80 packages.

There are five flavors/colors. We’re not entirely sure what the corresponding fruits are supposed to be. The kids proposed:

  • blueberry (or grape?) - purple
  • peach - yellow
  • raspberry - pink
  • strawberry - red
  • orange - orange

The number of fruit snacks in a package is generally 12 or 13, but we’ve noticed that the five types are not equally frequent, and it seems like they are not completely random. For example, we prefer the dark purple ones, and they seem to be clustered: that you often get none or a number of them.

We wondered:

  • How frequent are the five different flavors?
  • Are the flavors in a package completely random?

To address these questions, we gathered some data: we counted the number of snacks of each flavor in each package in one box. (It turned out that there were 81 packages rather than 80 in our box.)